luxury leather / Lambskin



Lambskin has an excellent hand feel, soft and supple with an extra smooth and fine grain.

As this leather is easily scratched, extra care has to be taken when worn with jewelry or other accessories.

Avoid prolonged exposure to light as this may alter the color of the leather.

A light non oily cream can be used to care for the leather. Avoid putting cream on embroidery and “branded” parts of the leather.

We only accept and use leathers from our French or Italian tanneries who come under the REACH regulations for the protection of the environment.

Dea offers you the most luxurious selection of precious leathers and skins.

The treatment and finishing processes are exclusive.

Our patterns on leathers and skins are individually constructed and produced in Italy by our master leather craftsmen.

All our leathers come directly from European suppliers and comply with CITES regulations or the Washingthon convention on animal husbandry and the use of hides.

We issue certificates of authenticity for each piece sold.

Our exclusive tattoo-inspired designs are engraved on the leathers using a special technique called “branding”. We also use 3D embroidery to decorate the bags.

Each model is cut by hand, then assembled and finalized by a single craftsman.