Le logo de la marque dea Cult est inspiré d'un tatouage de sphinx-papillon utilisé en gravure laser sur cuir précieux.



In these troubled and uncertain times of the 21st century we are in dire need of visionaries to predict and invent a new future,
to imagine a new ground breaking way off life, to create new values and to lead in the founding of the new norm.
Dreamers to dream of a new beginning and a better way of life for the whole planet.

Marque de maroquinerie de luxe non genré, produit des sacs et accessoires en peaux précieuses eco-friendly.



Diehard fearless believers and adherents to their own ideologies and fantasies, they have a different mind-set and a completely unique sense of logic.
People perceive them as strange and outlandish, but at the same time consider them to be avant garde and clairvoyant.
They dare to speak the truth without any notion of the consequences.
In their own clumsy and sometimes awkward ways they somehow seem to lead the world.

Le logo de la marque dea Cult est inspiré d'un tatouage de sphinx-chat utilisé en gravure laser sur cuir précieux.



There is a global renewed interest in the techniques, talent and heritage of the Artisans.
This often forgotten and downplayed part of the art world has come into focus largely because of its true position as an independent body of Artistic Creation and Expertise which can endure the test of time, trends and fashion.
A humble true form of Art without the pretentious purpose of taking over the world.
Art without the reliance on media or promotion. Art which can be directly perceived by the viewer