DEA-Cult is a percept, the fruit of a  long friendship between two experienced fashion designers Dominique Aubry and  Steve Soh.
An insight into their personalities which reflect the universe of those who have the psychological finesse and creativity to design Fashion and to create a personal interior artistic world.


Steve SOH et Dominique Aubry

Met in Paris is the early 90’s during their collaboration for the fashion houses of Balmain and Thierry Mugler.

Dominique Aubry created her own brand DEA

After several projects in the fashion business as a freelance designer, Dominique Aubry created her own brand DEA which distributed dress and knitted lingerie collections to the Paris Printemps Department Store.

Dominique Aubry decided to complete her DEA line

With a collection of bags and accessories, after visiting several crocodile, ostrich and python rearing farms. DEA never kills animals for the sake of fashion, but instead gives them a second life after they have accomplished their food cycle mission.

Steve Soh left Paris

To design Haute Couture in Tokyo and acquired his notoriety by winning several important design contracts for the major airlines in China.

The two designers met again in Shanghai

To collaborate for the luxury brand Blink Gallery, a multi-designer boutique brand. Through their travels and expatriations the two designers have learnt to integrate different lifestyles and cultures into their work.

The letters DEA now stood for Dreamers, Eccentrics and Artists.

In March 2020, the world entered a new troubled and uncertain period. Steve Soh and Dominique Aubry decided to give a new life and a new meaning to the brand. The word Cult was added and refers to the group of special designers, tattoo artists and artisans that make up the entourage of this brand.


Dea-Cult became a true leather goods brand producing luxury bags and accessories, all of this in a new “gender less” style.
All leathers and hides come from the best Italian and French tanneries who are “eco-responsible”.
The brand participates completely in the eco-friendly movement and abides strictly by these standards. 
Yes, the beauty of the leathers can rhyme with ethics. 
All leather goods are thus cruelty free and respect the environment, animals and man.