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The designers first met when Dominique Aubry was at Thierry Mugler and Steve Soh at Balmain. They collaborated in many different projects in Paris.

Dominique went on to start her own designer label DEA in Paris, while Steve left for Tokyo to do Haute Couture at the Ms Reiko label.

They again collaborated in Shanghai for the multi-designer brand Blink Gallery.

Dea-Cult is the brainchild of these two experienced designers to create and open a window into the hidden people that make up the internal structure of the fashion and artistic world.

A psychological inside into the life of these personalities and their vivid creativity.

Dea-Cult serves also as a platform for the non mainstream arts like tattoo, leather craft and everything artisanal.
It allows the public to experience the talent of these of these specialists and purchase their works.
Dea-Cult products are the culmination of the inspiration and expertise of these artists.

Every product has a life of its own, a history and culture.